Sezione dedicata alla image base OpenEsi per decoder Enigma2
Plugin Multimedia

SpiegelOnline 2.8rc11
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Fix: Artikelübersicht, Videos 

Picon Nemoxyz
13E +DTT, 19.2 e i nuovi 5W

e i nuovi ZPicon 417x250

Tnx Nemoxyz

Nemoxyz piace questo post!
Picon by NemoXyz

Small Picon 100x60 13E + DTT
Picon 220x132 13E + DTT
Zpicon 417x220 13E + DTT
Plugin Setting

iSetting E2 All & ARM
3.4.3 - (20.09.2018 07:00) * (Available updating) :
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Fixed the problem of the crash when updating the plugin when it was started by the decoder.
Fixed the problem of maintaining the plugin configuration and the Betatester certificate being updated (working from next versions).
Unfortunately, due to a bug in the IPK installation package of v3.4.1, when updating manually or from the decoder, it is likely that the configuration is not maintained and therefore you are forced to remap all the parameters of the Plugin.
This BkConfiSettingE2 script (to be used via telnet with 775 permissions) helps to perform a quick backup of the configuration, before starting the installation of v3.4.3, manual with IPK or directly from the decoder.
During installation the package will automatically restore the configuration of the Plugin that you had previously saved.
No problem with the update package with .tar.gz. 
Thank's to Diamondear
Plugin EPG

CrossEPG 0.8.6

- [Translations] Update NL.
- Parallel build fixes; fixed gcc 6+ compiler warning (#13)
* another parallel build fix
* fixed parallel make issue
The commit means PARALLEL_MAKE = "" can be removed from the recipe.
* fixed compiler error in GCC 6+

thx @ OE Alliance
Plugin Multimedia

EnhancedMovieCenter 4.0+git20180917

- add openbh to hasmkvcuesheetsupport list
- This change is for STB with "Media" Button for better operation
Plugin IPTV

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-megadede - use new (e2i)json module
-Restore host pulsedede now as
-Better fix for c links extractor
-fix links extractor of c
-Fix hosts 2player, tvnowde, internetowa crash - reported by user via auto crash report
-Fix links extraction from the nk
Thx @ samsamsam
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