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Plugin Multimedia


Plugin IPTV

xcplugin-iptv-mod-lululla_6.5.ALL e .DEB
XCplucin Lite 2.0

Tnx Lululla
Pluigin Multimedia

YouTube Plugin by Taapat


Those who are looking at the receiver youtube, you can try to feed of the first version of my test a plug youtube

Do not beguiled, youtube instead youtubeplayer.
I started doing it by the fact that unfortunately MyTube license does not allow to use it on other receivers except drimboksa.
I did not finished yet, and so far is only the basic functions. I myself do not use actively youtube encouraged by the comments and suggestions, as well as maybe necessary to correct the translation.
Plugin works completely with youtube api v3, by the authentication is now does not work as before. Before that you have given plugin, for example for youtube, your login and password. But the plug-so gets full control over all your akountami and dannimy on google. In fact now you do not have to give your details and allow the plugin to use only the necessary service.
If the settings (button menu) including authentication, then for authentication need to be in your Web browser under your akountom open the homepage, enter the code which will show a plug-and allow plugins to use your akount on youtube. By the turn only if you can do it. After authentication, you can use your own fidi and subscriptions.


- YouTubeUi: try fix video download - Replace / in download file name
- Create id.po - Add Indonesian translation.
- Update et.po
- Remove comments in German translation
- German Translation
- Fix some PEP8 style guide errors in

New Section
Plugin Softcam after extra-url

AutoSoftcamKey tnx Pablonero
FreeCccam-mod 1.7 tnx Lululla
NcamStatus tnx Marouan
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