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The Andorid features crashed on the third time boot, and the box only loaded live tv, andorid was frozen in bottom right hand corner, just saying "ANDROID" and flashing, from this point on the Android features seemed to permanently crashed, it wasnt possible to use android again, I have contacted the factory manufacuturers for the Firmware files so that this box can be rescued via RS232 flashing to restore Andorid if this is even possible??? Time will tell the support on this product is low on the web as its brand new product, there isnt much helpful info at all on and no contact email addresses.

any help or experience
hello burimek Meanwhile, welcome to the site manutek :)) . I think for the development of this machine needs a little time to the implications of this young machine software and a system too early and not very stable so I do not understand much of these skyboxes , certainly among some time people involved in this section will give you specific answers :)) continues to contact us and let us know what you say to the skybox :)) soon.

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