Backup OpenATV-4.0-dm800seV2 SSL dailybuild-gjstroom by korn nf

OpenATV-4.0-beta-dm800seV2 dailybuild


This image is a 100% build from OpenATV source code.
You can safely use the online update function, I tricked the driver date 100 years in the future so the present (and working) drivers are not overwritten during update.
I added the secret-feed (softcams) and changed the default language to US. It's a 100% clean image !

Please note: The image is still under development, so don't expect everything to work.

source: dailybuild
drivers: 20131001 (patched)
bootloader: ssl88a
size: 76,5Mb
skin: MetrixHD

=Red]Image flashing:
Internet Explorer (recommended)
Powercycle after flashing

Note1:[/B] You can get a MetrixWeather ID for your location here:
Just edit the line 'config.plugins.MetrixWeather.woeid=640161' and remove all other config.plugins.MetrixWeather.x lines in your /etc/enigma2/settings file.
Before you start editing give a init 4 (enigma2 stops), edit above file and give a init 3 (enigma2 starts).

Note2:OpenATV uses a different remote keymap, you can change the mappings using: Menu - Setup - System - Button setup

Note3: Softcams are installable via 'blue button' - so***m - download softcams

Note4:The default location for ***a*.cfg is in /usr/keys/***a*.cfg !

CST motor settings 42E - 30W 28-04-2014

***a* 2.11 - Mgcamd 1.35a




New menu - Greekstreamtv - Greek net radio [/COLOR]


foreca weather forecast grmod


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